Data centre for my company

The dynamics of IT operations typically will take the business to choose a data centre for the company. The small businesses uses to search for hosting services while large companies goes beyond elastic grow. This article examines some tips to choose a data centre and mentions the location of some of them.

data centre
Inside a typical data centre

The proximity of the data centre to the own company is always mentioned as first tip; however, it seems to be valid when colocation services will be used often. Also, sometimes a near data centre is a must be local laws demands it. For the instance, the public sector -central government- requires their servers in the same country; in contrast, private capitals may hire data centre services offshore unless they really need the data centre near to their facilities.

The reputation of the data centre, as measured by public knowledge of its performance, position in the industry and capacity to innovate is a second useful factor to consider.

For how long has been the data centre in the industry? Do they provide clear service level agreements (SLAs) at first hand or are opened to negotiate customized ones according to the customer’s needs? All these are questions that falls under the legal scope.

It’s obviously clear that the company looking for a data centre must have an in-depth view of their current needs and forecast expansion requirements for the middle and long term. Could these be met by the data centre?

In the technical side: Do you know if the data center meets well known certifications? In practice, do they have redundant systems for electric, environment, network as well as backup and storage components? Typically all who work at infrastructure prefers to purchase hardware from the same brand in order to standardize the components to manage, but if required by the sudden how easy might be to add an heterogeneous device? Did you talk about this with your data centre executive?

There are outstanding topics to cover in this review. You will find them in the second article. If you have a moment please leave your comments below.