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First, I really want to thank you for visit this blog. Let me tell you why it exists and what it looks for.

I has been in the Computer industry since a really long time and I worked in different roles while on it. I found that everything related to Hosting was exciting for me and I had been responsible for the website lifecycle of many, many of them. Most of those websites were for customers of mine but a good portion  of them belongs to me. It was time to create another under my name so I put hands on and I am so happy of typing right now to my first post here.

System Administration and Internet Marketing
System Administration and Internet Marketing


I am looking to spread up the voice in state of the art System Administration and Internet Marketing. Also, I want to share in solutions I apply in my daily work and to discuss about paradigms to solve Business needs through the aim of technology and digital marketing.


Let this blog to be a very useful source of System Administration and Internet Marketing news. Please leave your comments and contact me.

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