Linux: 25 years old

Linux -the best Operating System ever- celebrates today 25 years since it was announced on August 25th, 1991 by the Finnish developer Linus Torvalds. The Internet we are used to is powered by thousands of servers running Linux. Also, Linux is present in mobiles, embedded devices, NAS, laptops and super-computers.

Linux is 25 years old
Linus Torvalds (Linux creator) and Tux

But… what is exactly Linux? In short, Linux is the kernel (the core software that permits hardware to translate primitive orders into actions via software/hardware), but, if speak about that kernel plus the necessary utilities to meet the user’s needs we should formerly refer that as GNU/Linux. Hey, hey… one moment… So, now what is GNU? It drives to introduce you to the GNU Project. You can read an extensive explanation of what it is in that link, but, for our straight to the point matter I’ll tell you that such GNU project has been responsible to provide a lot of software that we can find in the GNU/Linux distributions (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware, Arch Linux, etc). This mix of Linux and GNU occurred in 1992, when Torvalds released its project -Linux- as free software and it was adopted by the GNU project -leaded by Richard Stallman.

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Start up this blog

First, I really want to thank you for visit this blog. Let me tell you why it exists and what it looks for.

I has been in the Computer industry since a really long time and I worked in different roles while on it. I found that everything related to Hosting was exciting for me and I had been responsible for the website lifecycle of many, many of them. Most of those websites were for customers of mine but a good portion  of them belongs to me. It was time to create another under my name so I put hands on and I am so happy of typing right now to my first post here.

System Administration and Internet Marketing
System Administration and Internet Marketing


I am looking to spread up the voice in state of the art System Administration and Internet Marketing. Also, I want to share in solutions I apply in my daily work and to discuss about paradigms to solve Business needs through the aim of technology and digital marketing.


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